Thursday, February 11, 2010


This is Mr Richard Koh buying chrysanthemum tea from the drinks stall.

We also saw the school's we asked him to pose for us.

Mr Chua was coming into the canteen to maybe to have lunch and he posed for us.

A vending machine repairman was there to repair the vending machine.

And this is my very cheerful classmate and friend, Norman.


  1. I think that the last picture is the best picture as the lighting is good such that the person can be seen very clearly and the bars on the ceiling gave the picture depth such that the picture looks more alive.

  2. I can see that all the photos have good lighting and that skill was put into it to the photos. The expressions of the people were captured perfectly except for the first and fourth photos. I believe he could have taken the expressions of the people in those two photos. But overall the photos were taken with good skill and there are lines for the mood and the photos have good depth in them.

  3. I think that picture three has been taken nicely. It shows the real emotion of the person and the background contrast is good but the pictures has quite a number of distraction

  4. I think that the last picture was the best among the 3 because it is not too blur, dark or bright.