Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ergonomics and Anthropometry Part 1

1. Compare the two types of setup and state reasons why one of the setup is preferred.
One of the setup is preferred as it makes life easier for the worker. It will make him more cheerful when everything is in place and he can access everything better.

2. What are the area of considerations when designing a conducive and comfortable workplace?
The price, its effectiveness and whether it really makes people more comfortable.

3. State the reasons why these considerations are important.
These would determine whether the workplace would be sold to alot of people.

Classroom Work Desk

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Elderly Challenge Observation 4

I have noticed my aging grandmother having difficulty making a phone call. Her eyesight is weakening and she is having long sightedness. When she presses the numbers, she might press more numbers than intended. She does not know how to do "backspace" so she will press the call, put down the phone and dial in the numbers again. I think that she needs a phone that has its buttons more spaced out to save time.

Elderly Challenge - Observation 3

I have noticed that people on the MRT trains do not give up their seats to the elderly. People in the train will tend to assume that other commuters will give up their seats to the elderly, or could be that they are too shy to give up their seats. I think people should really leave the reserved seats for the elderly, and sit on any unoccupied non reserved seat, unless they are able to give up their seats to the elderly.

Elderly Challenge - Observation 2

I have noticed that people in the senior citizen's corner are mainly senior citizens. Occasionally I see some maids, but they might be too busy talking to other maids, such that they might neglect the elderly they were supposed to be taking care of. I think there should be more people going to the senior citizen's corner to ensure the safety of the elderly there. If an elderly person is injured, their maids might not know what to do.

Elderly Challenge - Observation 1

For some elderly, walking is a difficult task, let alone walking in the night. They will have difficulty walking because of their constantly failing eyesight. This will make their lives much more harder as they might need to travel from, for example, their home to a shop to buy groceries. Having something to guide their way at night will make their life more convenient.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

ADMT Holiday Homework Part 1

-Explain in your own words, the FOUR key recommendations of the report.
The four key recommendations of the report are: Providing a comfortable home for the elderly in Singapore, making more places easier and better to be accessed by the elderly, having places for healthcare for the elderly and getting the elderly involved with the community.

-State ONE way that the CAI report is recommending to make our public housing more elderly-friendly
They recommend the Government to set up a new intermediate residential care facility, to address the current service gap in intermediate residential care for seniors.

-State TWO ways on how we can ensure that the quality of elderly care here in Singapore is affordable
Top up Medisave accounts of less well-off Singaporeans when there are budget surpluses that the Government can share with the people, and have a Family Practitioner based holistic care for seniors.

-After reading the CAI report, what do you are the THREE things that you can do, as an SST student, to help overcome these elderly challenges
We can help some of the elderly to acquire new skills such as using a computer. We can also encourage them to stay active and healthy. Lastly, we can go around to public places and see what we can improve on to make it more elderly friendly.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Personal Reflection (NEWater visit)

1. We have to conserve water, the needs of Singapore in water and have a better idea of how NEWater is produced
2. The importance of water in our lives and the ultraviolet rays that clean the water further.
3. How the used water is cleaned.
4. We can do simple things like trying to shower with the minimal time and turning of a tap tightly.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


This is Mr Richard Koh buying chrysanthemum tea from the drinks stall.

We also saw the school's we asked him to pose for us.

Mr Chua was coming into the canteen to maybe to have lunch and he posed for us.

A vending machine repairman was there to repair the vending machine.

And this is my very cheerful classmate and friend, Norman.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Difference Between Isometric, Oblique and Orthographic

Isometric: In isometric drawing, the object is rotated 30 degrees.
Oblique: It is to produce a 2D drawing of a 3D object
Orthographic: A type of projection in which an object is depicted or a surface mapped using parallel lines to project its shape onto a plane.

Isometric: Wiki answers
Oblique: Wikipedia
Orthographic: Dashboard Dictionary

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Defination of theme-Environment

en·vi·ron·ment audio (n-vrn-mnt, -vrn-) KEY

  1. The circumstances or conditions that surround one; surroundings.
  2. The totality of circumstances surrounding an organism or group of organisms, especially:
    1. The combination of external physical conditions that affect and influence the growth, development, and survival of organisms: "We shall never understand the natural environment until we see it as a living organism" (Paul Brooks).
    2. The complex of social and cultural conditions affecting the nature of an individual or community.
  3. Computer Science
    1. The entire set of conditions under which one operates a computer, as it relates to the hardware, operating platform, or operating system.
    2. An area of a computer's memory used by the operating system and some programs to store certain variables to which they need frequent access
    3. Taken from

The natural environment, commonly referred to simply as the environment, encompasses all living and non-living things occurring naturally on Earth or some region thereof.

The concept of the natural environment can be distinguished by components:

The natural environment is contrasted with the built environment, which comprises the areas and components that are strongly influenced by humans. A geographical area is regarded as a natural environment (with an indefinite article), if the human impact on it is kept under a certain limited level (similar to section 1 above).

What I think about environment is the characteristics of somewhere where humans interact or do activities.

ADMT Lesson 1: Personal Reflection

ADMT means the showcasing of our creativity in our work. An ADMT student should have a creative and innovative mind. My aspiration as an ADMT student is to create things which would bring comfort to people when doing things. I can achieve them by working hard in the lessons and listening to the teacher.
This sketch is meaning that the world would be very simple and not aesthetically appealing and boring without colour and design.